you got questions? we got answers 

  • why do you charge for shipping?

i wish we could offer free shipping on every order, but as a small business, it's simply not possible. it eats into our profit margin considerably therefore we cannot offer it as much as we used to. 

  • how long will it take for my items to arrive?

our processing time is 7-12 days, with your item arriving in 2-4 days. i am a full time teacher, so a majority of my weekends are spent prepping and shipping orders! please allow for 12 business days before inquiring about your order. we promise it's on the way! 

  • do you ship internationally?

YES! We were unable to ship internationally for quite sometime and I'm so glad to say we ship to every country in exception to Germany.

  • i have a problem with my order, what do i do?
contact us! if there is anything wrong with your order, please email or DM me on instagram within 14 days of your purchase so we can make it right. reviews can be deadly to a business. instead of airing your problem out online, please contact me!